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The Power Of Company Promotional Items And Your Staff

One of the things our business consultants often get asked by new businesses and sole traders just starting up in business, is can things like business branded products such as promotional pens still be helpful to a business in the twenty-first century in the U.K. today?


It may seem surprising that in the digital age, things such as promotional cups and cheap corporate gifts are still doing the rounds in 2016, but they are and this is simply because they are a recognized tool by businesses and industries to put their company name and product out there into the wider community, for a very small price.

Earlier in the year, we organised one of our monthly events around the theme of promotional business gifts and it was very well attended and indeed we may be considering holding a follow up event to showcase more of the types of items available now for you to make your mark, literally, on your clients and business colleagues alike.

The first thing that you may wish to consider before ordering a job lot of pens, mugs or whatever it is that you have decided to get your company’s name emblazoned all over it, is exactly what is it that you are hoping to achieve here?

Questions that your advertising manager (if you should have one) or office manager if you do not – or if the decision is simply up to you as the sole trader or owner, need to be asking are; who are my clients and customers and what would they appreciate from me as a business?

Then, you also need to go and take a look at whether you are hoping to make an impression on your own actual staff members as well and what it is you may wish to achieve with your act of corporate hospitality.


A lot of businesses who take part in corporate giveaways in the U.K., often neglect this last and essential part of the equation by missing their own staff members out of the goodie bags bonanza.

Reasons why you may wish to invest in some promotional business gifts for your own personnel are manifold. If you are thinking of branded clothing, this could be a brilliant opportunity for your workforce to simply look more united and as if they belong to part of the same organisation.

Even if your office or business does not require a uniform, a branded sweatshirt or t shirt can help foster a sense of company spirit. Also, it saves your staff from having to buy extra clothing simply to wear at work.

But not all branded clothing needs to be worn in the sole confines of the office or workplace.

Studies have now shown that branded clothing items may also be worn in a staff’s leisure time. Things such as sweatshirts and branded sunglasses or other items may be worn out of work time, as well by your staff.

As well as providing them with practical work wear you may also be able to spread your brand and message around with your staff member as the mobile advertising board!